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We foster growth and the Rackspace Startup Program continues to grow as we help startup companies succeed.  Everyday, we meet these great startups that join the program and we have found key partners in the community to align with as well.  With all of these opportunities, we strive to help Self-funded startups and entrepreneurs affiliated with Accelerators, Universities and Venture Capital Firms.  The Rackspace Startup Program brings to the table the power of Cloud Hosting and the entrepreneurial spirit that is Rackspace Hosting for our startups and partners.

Accelerators Capital Factory, Dreamit Ventures and Pollenizer have found a home at Rackspace. These accelerators provide the power of a creative ecosystem and mentorship to propel an idea into a business in a just few short months. There is a unique perspective that each accelerator brings, and you see the entrepreneurial involvement everywhere, from Austin to Philadelphia to Sydney.  The Rackspace Startup Program’s outreach and impact with the accelerator community is truly global.

FirstMark, FundedBuy and Collaborative Fund all bring the power of the venture capital firms to the startup community.  With expertise in funding and placing value on startups, working with these companies demonstrates that there is an audience for success that reaches beyond that good idea and moves it into the realm of valuation.  There is a great energy and dedication that takes startups from inception to funding.  The Rackspace Startup Program is there to fuel that drive as these companies mature and grow.

ATI (University of Texas), StartX (Stanford) and The Next 36 (University of Toronto) all demonstrate that the power of the entrepreneur lies in education.  You can see this drive and desire grow as the students grow.  Entrepreneurship takes commitment and fostering that ambition isn’t an easy task.  There is a special place for commitment to education found in universities, and we are happy that we can provide our own special place here with the Rackspace Startup Program.

How can the Rackspace Startup Program help grow your startup faster?

When it comes to the startup community, you will find the Rackspace Startup Program working side by side with Bootstrappers, Accelerators, Universities and VC’s. You will find us at demo day.  You will see us speaking in front of a group of entrepreneurs. And you will see startup companies visiting the Rackspace headquarters.  What does all this mean to a startup?  It shows companies that we are not only committed to Fanatical Support, we are also committed to the success of each startup company.  After all, we’re a startup, too!

For more information, questions or comments, visit the Rackspace Startup Program or contact me.

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