Hack4Good And Make The World Better

Our love for developers knows no limits – we host and support hackathons, offer free cloud services and offer them the support they need to build awesome things.

This weekend, we’re at it again. Rackspace is a gold sponsor of #Hack4Good, a global hackathon hosted by Geeklist that focuses solely on bringing together the best engineers, designers, project builders and entrepreneurs in the world to build projects that help humanity. The goal is simple: #Hack4Good wants to make the world a better place.

Previous #Hack4Good projects include solving some of society’s most serious problems and challenges like disaster communication, autism learning, hunger, earthquake emergency solutions and more. The grand prize winner of the June’s first #Hack4Good hackathon was Good Neighbor, a service that allows communities in small neighborhoods to post requests for needs, services, giveaways and notifications to raise community awareness and encourage neighbors to help each other.

The global event is October 4 through October 6 in multiple cities including London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv and many more. You can see the full lineup here. You’ll find Rackers rolling up our sleeves and hacking in San Francisco at Pivotal Labs, 875 Howard St.

The event is free. If you’ve got questions, or want #Hack4Good to come to a city near you, fill out this brief form.

#Hack4Good is exciting because it gives us an opportunity to flex our developer muscles while building things to improve the world. We’re excited to collaborate with developers throughout the globe to make a difference for humanity.

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