Hackathon 7.0 Begins

Here at Mailtrust we have a tradition. A tradition that challenges and rewards the brave employees who choose to participate. That tradition is known as Hackathon.

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is a day where employees choose to volunteer their time for one day on a weekend and dedicate it to “hack” on what they want to with little restriction as to what they can should do. The only requirement is that the project they choose has to be completed – from start to finish – in one day.

The projects that employees choose to work on may or may not make it into our product offering. In fact the event is actually designed to spark creativity and promote innovation inside our organization. It’s not really designed to add new features to our product suite (although we do enjoy when a great idea comes from a Hackathon).

Just a few hours ago we kicked off our 7th Hackathon.

This is my Hackathon project. I am going to be covering today’s events here on our blog. Stay tuned today and throughout this week as I continue to post updates.

In the meantime, you can check out some previous Hackathon recaps:

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