Hackathon V

This past weekend we conducted our fifth – and most successful – Hackathon! During a Hackathon, our developers get together on a weekend to work on projects that will enhance our current services. The goal is to complete as many projects as possible during the all-day Hackathon. They meet in the morning, discuss plans for their particular project, then go to work. At the end of the day, they meet again to share their accomplishments.
We focused on some really cool projects this time – many of which have been suggested by our users. As a result of some incredible effort, you will see several great new features launched over the coming months. Here is a list of what you can expect:

  • A desktop notification tool for your taskbar indicating you have new email messages
  • Ability to purchase archival CDs or DVDs via the control panel
  • Webmail Lite (for high latency, low speed connections)
  • The ability to forward multiple messages
  • The ability to use iCalendar feeds in programs like iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook 2007
  • Translation of Webmail interface into Chinese
  • Improvements within the Control Panel, giving administrators capability to specify which users have access to POP, IMAP and STMP

We also completed productivity enhancing projects for our developers and Customer Care team that will enable them to do even a better job supporting our customers!
It was a productive, fun, and successful day all around. We will keep you posted – via this blog – as we start launching these projects.

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