Hadoop Summit 2013: New Hadoop Tools For The Hybrid Cloud

As the momentum in big data solutions reaches a heightened awareness, the demand for deep understanding of technologies like Apache HadoopTM becomes top of mind with our customers. One of the focal events for training and thought leadership around Apache Hadoop is the annual Hadoop Summit hosted by Hortonworks. As you may remember, we partnered with Hortonworks in the fourth quarter of 2012 to bring an on-demand Apache Hadoop product to the open cloud. Currently in private beta, the open cloud offering aims to provide customers with an easy platform to learn, develop and validate both the application and toolset.

Hortonworks is an industry leader in enterprise Hadoopimplementation and support, and is committed to accelerating the adoption of Core Hadoop using open standards. With Rackspace’s continuing contributions to OpenStack, the partnership added resolve to our overall belief that open technologies drive innovation and optimization through global collaborative efforts.

Always evident in a platform offering, the emphasis on toolsets that address key concerns like data transformation and business intelligence become integral to turning data into competitive insight. Often, the desired outcome of these systems is not just a set of data, but a new way to leverage data to elevate business processes. This is where our partners can add immense value by crafting new ways to interact with the technology and putting it in the hands of the business user. That is why we are excited to add two new additions to our Cloud Tools Marketplace specifically focused on empowering users of Apache Hadoop, Pentaho and Karmasphere.

The Cloud Tools Marketplace is an ecosystem of technology partners that help Rackspace extend the functionality of our public, private and dedicated offerings. Learn more about the Cloud Tools Marketplace here.

Pentaho Data Integration is all about easing adoption and enhancing utilization of Rackspace Big Data platforms, with native, easy-to-use data integration. Pentaho is leading the innovation of Hadoop integration and analytics, and the upcoming cloud offering with Rackspace reduces the barriers to instant success with Hadoop, so customers can adopt and deploy quickly, delivering faster ROI. Pentaho’s powerful data integration engine serves as a platform, enabling delivery of that content right into an enterprise’s pre-existing business intelligence and analytics tools. Rackspace Big Data customers who require multiple data stores can leverage the ease of operation inherent in their visual ETL tool Pentaho provides. Customers will be able to compliment their platform offering by adding the validated Pentaho tool via the Cloud Tools Marketplace. Learn more about Pentaho here.

Karmasphere aims to provide a robust set of tools to help professionals outside the Data Scientist profession to leverage the power of Apache Hadoop. Karmasphere abstracts the tedious nature of data processing and puts it in the context of a very rich and interactive experience for the end user. These tools equip analysts with the ability to discover new patterns, relationships and drivers in any kind of data – unstructured, semi-structured or structured – that were not possible to find before. Users can add the integrated toolset (Karmasphere 2.0) directly on top of the open cloud product with no additional re-tooling. Learn more about Karmasphere here.

Learn more about how Rackspace is bringing Hadoop and an advanced set of business tools to the hybrid cloud and talk directly to a trusted advisor. Come see us at the Hadoop Summit 2013 in Santa Clara, Calif. (Booth #27) or attend our keynote speech on Cloud Analytics – Data Governance Platform by Arpit Gupta and Seshu Vavilikolanu or visit http://www.rackspace.com/bigdata.

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