Half The Cost, 6x The Performance: Massive Scale In The Rackspace Cloud

By Chadwick Meyer, Co-Founder & CEO at Gutensite

A great website should be your business’ most valuable asset, because it is the most cost effective way to communicate to your audience, build a brand, collect leads and drive sales. It’s an investment that pays for itself very quickly. But despite over a decade of evidence, and too many website builders promising to “make it easy,” very few businesses have the time or expertise to create websites that deliver these results. It’s not happening. And contrary to the marketing campaigns of so many companies offering what amounts to basic online billboards, in our experience over the past 12 years, 95 percent of our clients are not capable of doing it on their own. Our clients are smart, talented people, but they also realize that they are not experts in the field of design, branding, marketing and technology.

Fortunately, that’s what we do best. Gutensite partners with small businesses and nonprofits to design, deploy and grow beautiful and powerful websites. These websites accomplish real world conversion goals, customized to your specific business needs. Our platform is customizable, scalable, and affordable, so finally clients are able to benefit from the real potential of a strategic online presence.

Recently, we migrated to Rackspace as part of our ongoing scalability and service improvements. Working with Rackspace’s server environment and its support team has been a refreshing experience and essential in helping us expand our client base.

From a purely technical and economics perspective, our move to Rackspace has allowed us to increase our server resources and performance by over 600 percent. The affordability of Rackspace Cloud Servers has made it possible to architect truly redundant and scalable web and database server clusters. We can move quickly to meet our customers’ needs. Using Cloud Files has also allowed us to offload a large percentage of our disk I/O and bandwidth, which was previously bogging down our web servers. And Cloud DNS makes it easy for us to automate and manage tens of thousands of DNS records.

All of these improvements came at a 50 percent reduction in our infrastructure costs!

But of course, success is dependent on far more than just great technology and server infrastructure. As with many industries, many CMS companies are looking to limit customization on their platforms, because scaling quality support to millions of users is a very real bottleneck.

However, businesses still need more than a one size fits all platform, and they crave strong support that will help them accomplish their specific conversion goals. Fortunately, custom design has been in our DNA from the beginning, making proactive support an essential cornerstone of our platform. This approach allows us to handle the technical and creative details for building and growing a value driven website, so our clients are free to go do what they are good at.

But we can’t fully support our clients without help from our server partners to assist us with the everyday challenges of hosting thousands of websites. Fortunately, one thing that makes Rackspace unique is its Fanatical Support. It’s not just a marketing slogan. Rackspace has clearly made this a business priority, and we love working with a company that shares this same core value.

And what’s more? We recently joined the Rackspace Marketplace as one of the few Website Builder & CMS platforms. This is great news for those who already love Rackspace, because now there is another high quality and easy way to build an amazing website on Rackspace’s reliable servers.

In short, our partnership with Rackspace has been a true success story for us, and we are excited to be new members of this fantastic community. We look forward to growing together, and hope that our platform becomes a valuable and worthy addition to this ecosystem.

This is a guest post written and contributed by Chadwick Meyer, Co-Founder & CEO at Gutensite, a Rackspace customer and a Rackspace Marketplace partner. Gutensite helps small businesses and nonprofits design, deploy and grow beautiful and powerful websites that accomplish real world conversion goals.

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