Hallway Catch Up: Interviews With OpenStack Innovators [Video]

At OpenStack Summit Hong Kong, we spoke to a number of OpenStack’s key innovators to get the inside scoop on how they’re working with OpenStack, what they’re future plans are and the state of the community.

The following are my brief interviews with these stackers.

NOTE: This page will be updated as more interviews are recorded.

UPDATED on November 18 to include Cloud Cruiser and Docker videos.

Chatting Cloud Finance Management With Cloud Cruiser

Rackspace Director of Solutions Engineering Dan Choquette had a chance to chat with Cloud Cruiser Vice President of Product and Services Nick van der Zweep about Cloud Cruiser’s cloud finance management offering and how the company is involved with OpenStack.

Digging In With Docker

At OpenStack Hong Kong there was a great deal of excitement around Docker, an open source engine that allows developers to take any application and its dependencies and package it up into a lightweight container that can run anywhere. Rackspace Director of Strategy Scott Sanchez scored some time with Docker CEO Ben Golub to dig deeper into Docker.

Talking Chef With Opscode’s Matt Ray

Here, I catch up with Opscode Cloud Integration Lead Matt Ray to talk about Chef, how Chef is being embedded in open source projects and how Rackspace and Chef work together.

Solum, Docker & More With Red Hat

I also caught up with Clayton Coleman, lead engineer for OpenShift by Red Hat. In this interview, Coleman gives us the lowdown on Solum application lifecycle management, Docker and more.

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