Happy 2nd Birthday, OpenStack! A Look At Two Years Of Growth [Infographic]

Today, OpenStack celebrates its second birthday. Since its launch on July 19, 2010, the open source cloud operating system, which Rackspace co-founded, has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s been called the Linux of the cloud and has created an open cloud alternative to proprietary systems. As we wish OpenStack a happy birthday, here’s a look at some of the major milestones and accomplishments OpenStack has seen in its first two years.

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  1. The numbers above only speak to the interest in, but not the adoption of OpenStack. Conspicuously absent from the blog number are any mentions on the installed base of OpenStack. What is the estimated number of production deployments? Any estimate of the number of servers or petabytes of storage under OpenStack management? What are the key metrics that the community is watching to understand the extent to which OpenStack is actually being deployed in production?


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