Happy SysAdminDay!

In honor of SysAdminDay, we put together this creative to show our love for SysAdmins.

Click image below for larger version.

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<a href="http://www.rackspace.com/cloud">
Cloud <img src="
http://c179631.r31.cf0.rackcdn.com/SysAdminDay%20Infographic.jpg" alt="Cloud" width="510" height="730" />

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    • Nope, I don’t think that Linux training time is a typo. We’re talking SysAdmins here :-)… Much maintenance happens during the “downtime” (1-3am), though, of course, emergencies usually come at the most inconvenient time… SysAdmins often keep hours opposite to the rest of humanity. I was a little surprised about the 8am entry tho.

      Anyway, happy, happy SysAdmin Day, my favorite SysAdmins!

  1. Happy SysAdmin Day indeed! However, why in the world would you create a chronological graphic that reads conterclockwise? You aren’t saying that SysAdmins are backwards are you? πŸ˜‰

  2. HAHAHAHAAA!!! Luv it!

    [just don’t do system conversions with that kind of schedule… still sleeping in the office for that!]

  3. When will we be able to manage our servers/sites/files from our Android powered devices? The current app doesn’t cut it.

  4. You awesome SysAdmins keep our SMS Text Marketing site running 24/7 – I brag about my Rackspace Server’s “uptime=450 days” and hats off to y’all!!
    Thanks to your hard worki, I *DO* get to sleep at 3:20am!!

  5. Rackspace is the epitome of Hosting. And when they say they are fanatical about their support, its not just a buzzword but part of their DNA. They are the reason why we continue to attract business. Sometime I think they should change their name to Peace of mind hosting – because that’s the feeling we get.

    W hen Rackspace says they will do it, trust them they will. Above all, they are ethical and professional. I wish them well and to all of you the tech guys at Rackspace, keep racking! One day, soon enough, I will buy you guys some good coffee. You really Rock.!

  6. You guys always work hard to resolve issues and help my clients and I when things arise. I brag about Rackspace all the time too! Thanks for all you do.

  7. Hi,

    I love and appreciate all sys admins at Rackspace. Keep up the good work. Your services are not less than that of a policeman who safeguard our city so that citizens can sleep peacefully.