Has Rogue IT Infiltrated Your Organization?

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Lizetta Staplefoote | July 10, 2013 10:00 am

Rogue IT occurs when teams outside of IT venture out on their own to pursue IT-based solutions. For example, the accounting team needs updated billing software and instead of approaching IT with their needs, they find an easy-to-launch, SaaS-based solution. Everything works well until IT is approached to pull quarterly billing data that is now housed in an unsupported system and isn’t readily available or is improperly formatted.

In one organization, going rogue might not be big deal – just a few files on Dropbox. In another organization, going rogue could lead to data loss, privacy breaches, security holes and other critical issues. Like Batman’s Robin, cloud-based resources can be your number one ally in battling rogue IT. By adopting a service provider mentality[1], IT can better evaluate current and future business needs to employ pure cloud[2] or hybrid cloud[3] approaches that bring new projects and updates to life quicker and more cost efficiently.

Signs of Rogue IT

Rogue IT: Gaining Control[4], a new whitepaper from CIO/IDG Research and Rackspace Hosting featuring Gerardo Dada, Rackspace Director of Product Marketing, lays out ways to identify rogue IT and practical strategies to reign it in and better manage it. The first step is to find out if rogue IT elements are already at work in your organization. The whitepaper offers these three signs of rogue IT:

  1. Phantom Product Rollouts: Innovation without oversight can positively transform an organization when all goes well. However, a reckless maneuver can spell disaster when IT is still responsible for managing and supporting that innovation.
  2. Reduced Requests: When business units are pursuing their own innovations, the need for IT to deliver iterations to existing products seems to dissipate
  3. Unbalanced Budget: Increases in technology budgets within lines of business can signal trouble. In fact, in the 100 companies PwC ranks as “top performers,” IT controls less than 50 percent of corporate technology spend.

Download and read Rogue IT: Gaining Control[5] for a complete explanation of each sign and practical strategies to flesh out rogue IT in your organization.

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