Heads Up, Game Developers!

Online game developers have a unique set of challenges when it comes to success. One challenge is that they need to scale – quickly. If their game goes viral – as the biggest games undoubtedly do – the game needs to stay online or else it’s toast. This also leads into a second challenge, which is availability and performance. There’s nothing more frustrating to a gamer than to be in the middle of an intense play and have the game freeze. Any way you look at it, it’s not cool – for the gamer or the developer.

To begin reaching out to developers that need to successfully navigate the challenges of gaming, Rackspace will be presenting at the 2010 Game Developer Conference™ Canada. And in case you’re not familiar with GDC, the website describes it as “the premier event for local and international game developers managing established franchises, developing new global titles, or looking to take advantage of new distribution models.” We will also have a booth set up with  – you guessed it – the famous Rackspace tattoo sleeves. Drop by early to get your as they’re sure to go quickly.

Rackspace speakers include Solutions Engineer Paul Croteau and Cloud Professional Services Manager Robert Collazo. The topic, “Gaming, Powered by Hosting: Real Examples of How to Make Your Games Run Fast and Stay Online During Rapid Growth,” will speak to the business audience as well as take a deep dive into specific case studies around scaling, high availability and performance. They will also provide some “how-to’s” for the attendees.

And once developers have their infrastructure needs taken care of, they can focus on what they really want to do: game development and distribution.

Hope to see you in Vancouver!

Cara serves as Community Affairs Director for Rackspace Hosting and President of the Rackspace Foundation. She oversees Rackspace’s charitable giving and corps of volunteers, as well as manages the company’s non-profit and city relationships.


  1. We’ve been using Rackspace cloud servers for quite some time now to host our multiplayer online game – Pixza and we’ve been more than happy with it! Great service guys 🙂


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