Help Us Build Something Great: The Open Cloud Community

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Forrest Lymburner | February 28, 2013 8:00 am

A number of you have questions about open cloud[1] technologies. And there are many more of you out there who have the answers. We want your help in building a thriving community where cloud questions and answers lead to a free-flowing conversation.

We recently launched the new Rackspace Open Cloud Community[2], where you can interact with your peers and nearly 5,000 Rackers. The cornerstone of a great community is its participants, and we’re asking you to come along and share your expertise with the rest of us.

We know it will be awesome, but we need your help to get it there.

Did your business recently overcome a major technological challenge? Come share your story – others are likely dealing with that same issue. Building something cool with OpenStack Quantum? Let the rest of the cloud world know and learn from your experience.

The Open Cloud Community offers several forums where you can connect with folks, swap stories, share tips and tricks and talk cloud – everything from high-level to deep drilldowns.

The forums include:

Just like Fanatical Support[7] couldn’t exist without our customers, the Open Cloud Community can’t grow without you. Check out the Rackspace Open Cloud Community[8] and get the discussion started – or contribute to one that’s already going on. Together we can make it awesome.

We’ll see you there.

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