Natural Disasters Have Companies Rethinking On-Premise IT

Our guest blogger today is Ken Goldberg, president of Microcomputer Consulting Group (MCG), which assists clients in applying technology to solve business problems in a cost effective, streamlined and intelligent manner. MCG is also part of Rackspace’s Email Reseller program. You can read more about their high-performance cloud infrastructure in this case study. Below, Goldberg writes about how natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy made many companies rethink their on-premise IT strategy:

Hurricane Sandy has left its mark on IT.

In the aftermath of the disaster, more clients than ever before ask about hosted and cloud email, archiving and other services.

It’s no surprise. The storm surge in New York and New Jersey flooded tunnels, damaged electrical equipment and incapacitated businesses. More than 7.5 million people were without power. Some areas lost electricity for weeks, while many buildings that housed servers were inaccessible. Once battery backups were exhausted, servers went down. Employees who had power at home could no longer access their email, contact database or other critical business applications.

At MCG, our customers range in size from five to 500 employees and serve a wide variety of industries. While the businesses are very different, they all have one thing in common: They need to be able to weather natural disasters without missing a beat.

No business can afford to be out of commission for weeks and months, or even just days, whether it’s a small manufacturer or a large financial services firm. Thankfully, our customers were never without their email or related services and were able to stay in touch and communicate with their customers.

But the storm led many to rethink the on-premises model.

Sandy was the second hurricane in two years to hit an area that rarely received them in the past. In addition to listening to the concerns of our clients, MCG was already investigating hosted and cloud alternatives to maximize margins and reduce support costs. The tumult of Hurricane Sandy accelerated that effort.

By partnering with Rackspace, we’re able to offer our customers robust, scalable solutions for email, archiving and related services and guarantee uptime no matter the weather conditions. Our clients are disaster ready – and their data is protected and preserved.



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