Help us take a bite out of… Spam?

Is there anyone out there that enjoys receiving spam? We haven’t met anyone who asks to receive more and yet over 95% of email traffic today is junk. Over the past eight years we have learned that one of the top reasons customers choose to outsource their email is to reduce spam.
The bad news is that the amount of spam is growing.
The good news is that we are pursuing innovative ways to fight it.
Most recently, we decided to partner with Cloudmark, one of the industry’s most effective and highest performing anti-spam providers. With Cloudmark, we can filter an estimated 98% of the incoming spam that we receive every day—which is more than 60,000,000 email messages!
That still leaves some spam that could pass through our filters. This is where we get a chance to be innovative and if you’re a Noteworthy customer who uses Noteworthy Webmail, you can help.
Here’s how: if spam email slips through our filters, click the “Report Spam” button in the preview pane of the email message. That message will be sent directly to Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network, which helps build fingerprints that are used to increase the level of spam protection. These fingerprints are then pushed to our server in sub-minute intervals and are used to help increase the effectiveness of our filters. This feedback loop is yet another way we can work together to combat spam.

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  1. That’s great you are filtering incoming spam for your users. So what exactly are you doing to stop spammers from sending spam out from Rackspace? I get loads of spam from Rackspace IPs, report them using Spamcop, but the spam continues, and it appears you are doing nothing since I get the same spammers repeatedly even after reporting them.

    Consider the impact on your legitimate current and prospective users as you gain a reputation of allowing spammers and your IPs become blacklisted.


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