Introducing Microsoft SharePoint – Free To Try For Customers

Every business has to decide on ways to solve the everyday need of collaborating with others in and outside the organization. This leads to many businesses asking — “How can we help our employees be more productive?”

We are interested in solving this problem.

We have heard loud and clear from customers that they want a better way to collaborate within their organization. Being able to share documents or files, company information, collaborating on projects, or having a central repository for your company knowledge are all top requests. At the same time customers have been asking specifically for Microsoft SharePoint as the solution of choice.

Well, we have been listening and we are proud to announce that today we are offering a hosted Microsoft SharePoint solution for customers of Rackspace Email & Apps!

If you use Rackspace Email or Hosted Microsoft Exchange you can implement SharePoint for FREE with up to 250 MB of storage to get started. Need more space? No problem! You can always upgrade and purchase additional storage as your needs grow.

You can start to learn more about SharePoint on our website or if you are a current customer you can log in to your control panel to start using it today. We are also going to be hosting some upcoming webinars to help explain some details around how SharePoint can help your business, which you can sign up for here.

As always keep the feedback coming – We are listening!


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