Hosting Companies Unite to Provide Relief for Haiti

Reposted from our company-wide blog:

Since the January 12 earthquake devastated Haiti, there has been a critical shortage of supplies, manpower and assistance to help the Haitian people through their crisis.

Beginning today, the hosting community is coming together as an industry to do our part to help in the relief effort by launching a new Website. Although normally fiercely competitive, as members of a common industry, we know we can help far more as a group than we could individually.

We know that no organization is better suited to the integrity of large relief efforts than the American Red Cross. So every dollar donated through our site goes directly to them, an organization that can make the biggest difference in disaster relief.

This is a joint effort between Peer1 Hosting, GoGrid, The Planet, ServInt and Rackspace, but we hope many others in web hosting and cloud computing will join us by making a donation. With the generosity of our combined groups of customers, employees and others, we know we can make a difference. If you’re one of our industry partners and want to join us, contact us [] about joining the cause.

Then, we hope you’ll spread the word by sharing the link and information on the project. Follow the progress of the effort on Twitter by following @hostingforhaiti. Or use the hash tag #hostingforhaiti. It’s all for a good cause and will provide immediate assistance to tens of thousands of Haitians in need.

Stay tuned to see what good things we can do when the hosting industry partners together!

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