How A Specialist Helps You Perform At Your Best

By Jesse Demmel, vice president of engineering, MapMyFitness

Performing at the top of your game is key. That’s true for everything: from running a marathon to running a business – performing your best drives success.

My name is Jesse Demmel, vice president of engineering at MapMyFitness. We’re the world’s leader in connected fitness. We’re building the world’s largest community by providing interactive tools to make fitness social, simple and rewarding. We’ve been around since 2007 and are growing like crazy – we currently have over 21 million registered users. Our members can connect to over 400 devices to instantly track their fitness results through GPS. We help them in their pursuit to perform their best and the enthusiasm generated by our rapidly expanding community has us growing each year at a rate of 2.5 times in terms of the data we have to support.

Many of our applications are predictable and steady while others can be more volatile and hard to predict. That’s what attracted us to Rackspace Hybrid Cloud. The world we live in requires the ability to utilize both dedicated hardware and the cloud to maximize potential and efficiency. The public cloud alone isn’t the best fit for all of our workloads.

We migrated from the previous generation of Rackspace Cloud Servers to Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers. Everything we’ve seen in the testing and production is phenomenal. We’re getting 5 times better performance out of the Performance Cloud Servers that come with SSD storage, 40Gbps throughput to the host and flavors up to 120GB.

What really put us over the top and kick-started our performance was getting involved with ObjectRocket, Rackspace’s team of MongoDB specialists. We were originally tuning MongoDB ourselves and getting the performance we needed, but the amount of effort it took from our MapMyFitness DevOps team was too high.

ObjectRocket, however, were able to set up our MongoDB environment and fine-tune it for efficiency. The performance jump surpassed our expectations, and the amount of money we’d save by not deploying the hardware made ObjectRocket a no-brainer.

These are great examples of the importance of having access to a supportive team of experts. We found that level of support from the specialists at Rackspace and ObjectRocket have helped MapMyFitness perform at our best.

This is a guest post written and submitted by Jesse Demmel, vice president of engineering at MapMyFitness, a Rackspace customer. MapMyFitness is a health and fitness technology company that powers the Internet’s largest social network of fitness enthusiasts as well as a wide array of B2B enterprise solutions.


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