How Happy is Your IT Staff?

As companies continue to need to lay off workers, the workload for the remaining lucky few has increased markedly. The recession is forcing us all to work smarter and faster, and IT is the natural place for businesses to look for ways to make that happen. It’s no surprise then that average hours worked per week for IT professionals are on the rise and that lives outside of work are suffering. According to a recent poll conducted by The IT Job Board, a full two-thirds of IT professionals feel that these long hours negatively affect their personal lives. Oh, and on the job performance is going down, too (34% of respondents believe that their productivity at work had decreased due to long hours).

In light of this gloomy situation, why not cut costs and increase morale? If you aren’t already, maybe it’s time to look at hosting for your business. If you are currently hosting with us, why not tell a friend what a winning proposition it is to free up precious IT hours to focus on core business objectives. Email Hosting saves significant money while freeing up IT staff to focus on core business problems, not routine maintenance, server upgrades, and service patch installs. We take care of all that, leaving tech-savvy employees to add value where it makes the biggest impact on the business. And, of course, if they can make it to that 6pm Happy Hour, we’ll all be the better for it.

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