How HubSpot Uses The Open Hybrid Cloud

At OpenStack Summit Portland, HubSpot discussed how it uses Rackspace’s open hybrid cloud to power its all-in-one inbound marketing Software-as-a-Service solutions.

The company moves at a swift pace – HubSpot CIO Jim O’Neill said from idea to production it could be just 30 minutes. Historically, HubSpot relied on the public cloud to scale workloads. Now, HubSpot uses a combination of Rackspace’s public and private clouds powered by OpenStack and dedicated environments, which help it grow its infrastructure to accommodate business needs. According to O’Neill, HubSpot sees an improvement in provisioning efficiencies in this open hybrid model.

The Rackspace open hybrid cloud arms HubSpot with the ability match its application needs with any form factor – public cloud, private cloud and bare metal. This gives HubSpot the ability to tackle rapidly growing and changing workloads as it expands product offerings and its customer base diversifies.

In this video, hear HubSpot talk about how it uses OpenStack and the Rackspace open hybrid cloud:


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