How ObjectRocket Gives Free MongoDB Backups To Everyone

We changed the database business in June when we offered free backups to anybody using MongoDB. We share our expansive disk infrastructure with the community to help folks get backed up, so they can sleep easy. It’s not an add-on. It’s not an upcharge.

You don’t even have to be an ObjectRocket customer to benefit from these backups.

We offer free backups because when anyone in the community loses data, everyone in the community feels the effects. We hope that businesses and their technologists will be confident in their choice of MongoDB as their NoSQL database. The knowledge that their data will be backed up at a secure location completely free of charge will go a long way to engendering that confidence and trust.

Today people use the ObjectRocket by Rackspace free backup capability to:

  • Augment existing backup schedules
  • Cut backup costs or remove the cost completely
  • Provide offsite backup for disaster or security breach recovery
  • Back up instances where you just need multiple copies


ObjectRocket back ups are simple and easy to use. We detect the source address of your cluster, and perform a backup from the ObjectRocket by Rackspace data center closest to your database (optionally over SSL). It’s done via mongodump and then compressed on disk. We chose mongodump for its reliability, simplicity and ease of use over different network topologies and environments.

Mongodump gives us a great built-in safety check. The dump exposes any problems reading the data, any problems with the BSON structures or any other issues. In addition, mongodump is the least common denominator to all databases, and enables recovery nicely across versions.

We’re able to perform these backups for our customers and other MongoDB users through ObjectRocket Remote Instances. These remote instances don’t have to sit on ObjectRocket infrastructure – they can be created on any provider and the ObjectRocket system finds them and backs them up automatically via our backup daemons. When a new Remote Instance is created, the service connects to instance to ensure connectivity and creates an ObjectRocket user that it will create backups as.  The customer can change the password for their users without affecting backups.

The backup daemons work by deciding what remote instances are in their local zone queue. They pull from this queue, attach to the primary database or MongoS server and start the backup. They monitor progress and, upon successful completion, log this into the ObjectRocket metadata repository. Users can then see the backup list in the ObjectRocket UI.

If you do need to restore a database, simply hit and we will reply in minutes to upload your dump file to the destination you choose. We can also directly restore the dump to a connect string. Super simple, super reliable and easy to restore from.


To get started, simply create an account on ObjectRocket by Rackspace. It’s easy and you won’t need your credit card.

Once you are in the ObjectRocket control panel, click on the Remote Instance button and enter your connection information. You will be prompted for a name and login credentials. If you are behind a firewall, it’s okay – on the right hand side you will see the IP ranges ObjectRocket advertises as to open your firewall for backups to commence. You can specify a single host:port combo, a replica set connect string separated by commas or a MongoS server connection.

It’s important to provide your public names/IPs for the connect string, and we discover the rest. If you created your replica set or sharded clusters using private name/IPs, ObjectRocket will try to discover that for you.

Once your instance is created, backups happen daily. Your first backup will be performed within 24 hours, and then every 24 hours after that. ObjectRocket saves one backup on disk per day. Today we automatically backup any single instance, replica sets and sharded clusters up to 250GB. For any amount above that, contact our support team to get custom help to ensure smooth backups.. You can get the fastest backups in our LON, SYD, US-East, US-West and US-Chicago datacenters, but backups are available anywhere.


So where do we go from here? We’re in constant contact with our customers and listening to your needs. We’ve heard there’s big interest in:

  • Custom schedules and retention
  • Auto-discovery of remote environments based on a provider key
  • Automated restore and clone functions
  • Point in time recovery

If these things sound cool or you have other ideas, we would love to hear from you at Just drop us a note with your thoughts! You can also leave comments below or reach out to me on Twitter @kennygorman.

Sign up now to get your free MongoDB backups. If you already have an ObjectRocket account, simply click on Remote Instances to get started.

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