How Our New Acquisition Speeds Development

The amazing thing about working in San Francisco is how fast things move. Companies spring up out of nowhere and, seemingly overnight, become a natural part of your daily working routine. Speed matters in this environment.

We’re helping companies move faster, especially startups and their developers. Cloud computing is a big part of this. How else could you stand up 1,000 new machines at a time or accommodate demand for a hot new app? It’s exciting for us to see and support these new, cutting-edge applications at scale.

But no application is perfect. Things can look great in development but go sideways in production. Issues pop up and it’s a constant game of whack-a-mole to get them fixed.

Development, Test and Production used to be a long cycle, cascading from one functional group to another with plenty of opportunity for quality assurance and in-line fixes before things went live. We’re seeing that change though. When speed is at a premium, everything gets compressed.

We’re taking this change seriously here at Rackspace and are committed to offering better, more powerful tools for developers.

Our recent acquisition of Exceptional Cloud Services is another step to filling out developer toolkits. The Exceptional service provides critical error reporting on web services and Airbrake collects error data from other applications and rolls it up into a single view.

This kind of visibility is critical when you’re at Silicon Valley speed. The explosion of data, users and interdependencies make this kind of awareness a fundamental requirement. It’s no surprise then that developers here are on these services like hipsters on fixies.

Going into production is the make or break moment for startup developers. When users start hitting the system things are most likely to go wrong. Exceptional Cloud Services will help us help customers during this critical time. It will allow them to focus on what’s important: working on the app, not running the database or endlessly hunting errors. It will keep the feedback loop tight, and help customers understand the inevitable errors. In short, it will keep developers focused on what matters most: getting traction, getting scale and accelerating their business..

This offering will roll into our suite of tools to help developers manage applications better. Our aim is to better enable our customers to quickly build amazing things and have fun doing it.

We recognize that startups have unique needs. Speed, agility, rapid cycling and feedback loops are the currency of the Valley, and we’re confident that the Exceptional team’s innovations will our customers keep the pedal pushed right down to the metal.


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