How Rackspace Managed Cloud Extends Your IT Team

More businesses are moving to the cloud, and two of the key drivers are utility pricing and the ability to quickly scale applications as traffic surges. And while some businesses have technical staff that is familiar with the cloud, others may not have in-house cloud expertise. This is one of the major value-adds Rackspace offers with our Managed Cloud service level; we become an extension to your IT team.

Invested Team
When a customer signs up for Managed Cloud, they reap huge rewards – not only do they eliminate capital expenditures by no longer having to purchase servers for their own data center; they also get to tap into the deep expertise of our team. Our Rackers (what we call Rackspace employees) are experts at cloud hosting – they do the work so you can focus on your business. Hiring additional people with this level of expertise would be incredibly expensive.

Always There For You
All of us have an insurance policy on our house or our car, but what about your business? Servers are known to misbehave from time to time. If your server goes offline and takes your business down with it, do you have a plan to get back online? Whether it is during the big game or after midnight, we have Rackers available for you to call, chat or email 24x7x365. They can help troubleshoot and fix your issues as they come up. When disaster strikes, you can rest easy knowing that Rackspace is there to help you get your business back up and running.

We Find Experts So You Don’t Have To
Finding the right technical talent can be difficult: hiring an experienced system administrator can be expensive. And bringing aboard a newbie can be more cost effective, but that person will require additional training and have an extended learning curve. With Rackspace, our team is primed and ready when you say, “Go.”

Our Rackers have a range of talents across an array of technologies, and are some of the best in the business. There is more to a Racker than technical acumen – there is a passion for service. This is where Rackspace excels, and where we leave our competitors in the dust. Our trademark Fanatical Support is renowned industry-wide and we go the extra mile to support and delight our customers.

The Cloud Revolution
As with any technological shift, there is opportunity for businesses that take advantage of it. Moving from a traditional, dedicated IT environment to a cloud environment can not only save businesses hardware costs and capital expenditures; but they can also gain the flexibility and scalability of on demand infrastructure. When businesses become more flexible, they can be more responsive in the marketplace, resulting in a better experience for their customers.

If you are looking for a partner to be an extension to your IT team, Rackspace is here. Not only do we have the experience and expertise, we have a passion for supporting our customers and to be part of their success.

Check out Joseph’s previous video where he discussed the different cloud options here at Rackspace. You can also watch the next video where he talks about the first five things you should do when starting a cloud project. Learn more about how the Managed Cloud offering can support your business.

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