How Rackspace Managed Cloud Supports You

One question that I commonly get is, “So how exactly does Managed Cloud support my business.” There is a lot of documentation on our service level and what we actually do, however, for this post I wanted to give a very high level analogy of how Managed Cloud delivers support to you and your organization.

Imagine an artist with a canvas – his creativity lies in the application of the paint to bring out shapes, light and shadow. However, the artist needs the stability of an easel to support his canvas while he paints.

Though not a painter, Managed Cloud is the carpenter that can build the easel for your painting. However, in our world, an easel consists of a stack of technologies. This includes a world-class data center, the hardware, the network, the virtualization, the Operating System and services (such as the LAMP stack).

On the top of this stack is where your code lands, or your painting in the case of this analogy. Your creative talent is what drives innovative code that supports cutting edge websites and applications. You have the skill and vision to create a product that your customers need, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the infrastructure that supports your code.

Rackspace Managed Cloud supports everything from the OS and services layer down, where you are responsible for how your code performs on this stack. We are committed to building and supporting a solid foundation so that your business can thrive. At Rackspace, we are the experts on hosting so that you can focus on your business.

Check out Joseph’s previous video where he discussed how to scale in the cloud. You can also watch the next video where he talks about load balancing your configuration in the cloud. Learn more about how the Managed Cloud offering can support your business.



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