How SharePoint Empowers Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT teams can relate to this scenario: 20 problems need IT solutions this year, but there’s only enough staff and budget to complete 15. What happens to the other five problems? They don’t go away. This is typically when rogue IT solutions enter the picture. SharePoint offers enterprises a full-featured platform that empowers end users to create their own solutions without circumventing IT or waiting for those other 15 projects to be completed.  What does that mean for your organization? It means:

More Satisfied Users
. By giving users the power to create their own solutions, IT is no longer in the hot seat to solve minor business problems. Users can build what they want, when they want with little or no IT intervention. IT is able to strengthen its relationship with users, and users get maximum control over creating and delivering their own work tools.

More Bandwidth. 
While end users are building their own solutions in SharePoint, IT can focus on the big, mission-critical projects that drive business. The delivery curve for projects is reduced as those small tasks taking IT away from the really important projects are handed over to users on a controlled, easy-to-use platform.  By moving or consolidating tasks into SharePoint, businesses also have an opportunity to reallocate hardware and resources to other tasks.

More Control
. SharePoint prevents users from going around IT to implement solutions that haven’t been properly vetted. IT maintains the integrity of SharePoint leaving users free to tailor solutions without worrying about the backend – unlike rogue applications or processes that sit outside of IT and risk data loss and proprietary information leaks. If a user creates a SharePoint solution that needs to be serviced by IT, SharePoint serves as a familiar platform that allows for easy administration and support for both the end user and the IT team.

More Scale. 
SharePoint provides a platform for solutions of all shapes and sizes to grow in importance and requirements along with their business. What starts out as a narrow solution for one team, can easily evolve into a broader, business-wide solution without outgrowing the SharePoint platform. IT can govern and monitor applications built on the SharePoint platform; if these applications ever become large, mission-critical business systems, ownership can be transferred from departments to IT using a deliberate, pre-planned process.

How SharePoint impacts your organization is based on your unique use case and business goals. Learn more about SharePoint at Rackspace.

Jonathan has been working with Microsoft based technologies for over 10 years and has been developing against SharePoint since v2 of the product was released. He especially enjoys exploring the composite nature of the SharePoint platform, asking questions like: “How far can we take the platform without customization and development?” and then following with, “How can we completely solve our problem using .NET/Silverlight/Office etc?” Jonathan holds certifications in Windows Server and SharePoint 2010 Development. When he isn’t tinkering around with SharePoint, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and other things nerd, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and beating Shane at golf. You can visit Jonathan at his blog:


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