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How To Get Involved With Open Compute

Open-sourced hardware is hard. Open sourced software is more accessible for people to contribute to: a person can go grab the software out of the repository and work on it at night or the weekend and then run the commits up. There is a different kind of commitment to produce a something that is a physical resource or a device. It is sometimes confusing how people can get involved to shape this environment; however, it is fundamentally important for people’s voices to be heard.

The Open Compute Project needs requirements, perspectives and inputs to help us ensure that we are solving the right problems. We’ve seen providers willing to open source attributes of their computational fluid dynamics software, and other providers open sourcing elements of their CAD or eCAD software to enable development of electrical or mechanical designs by the community. As activity and involvement escalate within the project, the community hopes to see more of these things become available to open up new opportunities for involvement.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Joel Wineland.

Joel Wineland is a principal engineer for Rackpace. He is responsible for evaluation and development of hardware platforms and server strategy. Joel represents Rackspace in the Open Compute Project as a member of the incubation committee. When not punching keys, Joel is likely at the park with his three children or splintering wood on his table saw.

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