How to Lower the Total Cost of Ownership of Office 365

TCO 365

Many organizations have made the leap to Office 365, but a great number still use older on-premises versions of Office, often to avoid the complexities associated with migration and ongoing management.

More specifically, some are avoiding Office 365 because they think the cost of migration and management is too high. Simply put, downtime during migration and productivity losses from management can cost organizations precious time and money if not properly planned and managed.

Much has been written about Office 365 and TCO — total cost of ownership — but little attention has been given to how organizations can effectively migrate and manage Office 365 deployments to lower TCO even more. In this piece and accompanying whitepaper, we will explore how organizations can minimize disruption during migration and ramp-up and lower TCO with Rackspace’s Fanatical Support and Managed Services for Office 365.

TOTAL Cost of Ownership

All too often, organizations view TCO through the narrow lens of hardware and software licensing costs. The common calculus usually includes a basic look at the cost of hardware and on-premises licenses versus the predictable monthly costs of SaaS offerings.

What many organizations fail to consider is the costs associated with disruption during migration and more importantly, the long-term costs of training and maintaining staff to support new technologies like Office 365. Over the course of just three years, these hidden costs can substantially impact the bottom line.

Office 365 from Rackspace can help lower these costs and minimize the headaches that are an almost inevitable part of a large scale migration to Office 365. Rackspace is uniquely equipped to help organizations migrate and manage Office 365 deployments. With over 200 Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff, Rackspace brings an almost unparalleled level of expertise to migrations of any size.

Why Buy Office 365 from Rackspace instead of directly from Microsoft?

Organizations considering a migration to Office 365 are probably wondering why they shouldn’t just buy Office 365 directly from Microsoft. After all, buying licenses directly from Microsoft is less expensive than buying from Rackspace, right? At a glance that may seem true, but buying from Rackspace can actually lower TCO significantly over the course of three years versus buying directly from Microsoft.

Here are three ways buying from Rackspace saves money over time:

  • Free migration planning and execution
  • Free Exchange migration to Office 365
  • Unlimited Fanatical Support 24x7x365

For those opting for Managed Services from Rackspace, the savings are even greater.

Buying from Rackspace not only lowers TCO, it also provides the peace-of-mind that comes with award-winning customer service and technical support. It’s hard to quantify the frustration that comes from waiting for support or being sent to a call center overseas. Buying from Rackspace ensures prompt service from a US-based support team 24x7x365.

Download the Whitepaper and Learn More!

Want to learn more about how Office 365 from Rackspace can significantly lower your total cost of ownership? Download this whitepaper to get details about:

  • Office 365 features & benefits
  • Actual TCO calculations of on-prem vs. buying direct vs. buying from Rackspace Hosting
  • Fanatical Support from Rackspace
  • Managed Services from Rackspace
  • Migration and deployment services from Rackspace

Migrating to Office 365 can enable a more productive workforce. Let Rackspace help your organization unlock the full power of Office 365 and lower your TCO.

LOwer TCO Office 365 CTA

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