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How To Use The Objective-C Mailgun SDK

One of my favorite services here at Rackspace is Mailgun, a set of APIs that allow you to send email and manage mailing lists via a REST API. Coming back from a recent trip to San Antonio I decided that I would add an Objective-C interface to send email via Mailgun using my own iOS interface instead of using Apple’s `MFMailComposeViewController.` This library is now open sourced on Github and available via Cocoapods.

Check out my post on the Rackspace DevOps blog to find out how to install and use the Mailgun SDK, alongĀ  with details on sending a message, subscribing and unsubscribing to mailing lists via the Mailgun SDK.

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About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Jay Baird.

Jay Baird is an iOS developer at Rackspace's San Francisco office working on mobile products and services. His first computer was an Apple II and since then he knew most of his adult life would be consumed by technology. His favorite Steve Jobs-ism is that the Macintosh is "insanely great." Jay also holds a commercial pilot license and is studying to be a flight instructor. You can follow Jay on Twitter at @skatterbean.

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