How To Use The Objective-C Mailgun SDK

Filed in by Jay Baird | April 9, 2013 2:38 pm

One of my favorite services here at Rackspace is Mailgun[1], a set of APIs that allow you to send email and manage mailing lists via a REST API. Coming back from a recent trip to San Antonio I decided that I would add an Objective-C interface to send email via Mailgun using my own iOS interface instead of using Apple’s `MFMailComposeViewController.` This library is now open sourced on Github[2] and available via Cocoapods[3].

Check out my post on the Rackspace DevOps blog[4] to find out how to install and use the Mailgun SDK, alongĀ  with details on sending a message, subscribing and unsubscribing to mailing lists via the Mailgun SDK.

For more on mobile development, check out[5].


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