How WebCorp Gained a Limitless Inbox

Philip Ferreira serves as president of WebCorp, a Bay Area-based domain development company, he also handles the company website and all of the company’s technology issues. As is the case in many growing organizations, Ferreira wears many hats. Thanks to Rackspace, he doesn’t have to worry about wearing server procurement, deployment, and management hats. Since 2004, WebCorp has used the Rackspace suite of hosting services including, dedicated, cloud, hosted Exchange; and they recently added Rackspace Archiving for email storage and retention.

Why Rackspace? “As soon as we found Rackspace, we recognized the superior level of service. We’re a small company, but you’ve really met our needs. You let me just develop and build the website. You take away a big headache,” says Ferreira.

Read the full case study to find out how WebCorp uses Rackspace Archiving.

Lizetta Staplefoote is a Rackspace Marketing Copywriter with a decade of experience writing about small business challenges for healthcare, real estate, and technology. Her passion is researching and writing about the impact of cloud computing. When she's not wordsmithing, she enjoys hanging out with her sons, exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, and feeding her music addiction.


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