How Windows In The Cloud Can Save You Money

While scalability and flexibility are compelling reasons for businesses to move to the cloud, another key item is the cost savings. By moving your configuration to the cloud, you can realize some of the following cloud cost benefits.

Hosting your business on premise can be a huge upfront financial investment; purchasing multiple servers and network devices can be a rather high initial cost. By hosting your Windows servers in the cloud, you don’t have to buy dozens and dozens of servers. Instead, you can spin up these servers instantly in the Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack without having to procure any hardware.

This leads me to the second point: utility pricing. With the cloud, you pay for only the computing resources that you use. For example, if you have a big marketing event and you need to scale out your web farm, you can do that and pay for those servers only while you need them. After your big marketing event is over (maybe you needed to ramp up for the holiday season or to support a commercial in the big game) and the traffic has subsided, you can take the servers that handled the extra traffic offline and no longer have to pay for them.

Finally, a special offering that we have at Rackspace is Managed Cloud Support. If you choose this tier of support, you will get a team of system administrators and account managers to be part of your IT team to help you administer your Windows cloud servers at Rackspace. This support offering is valuable because our Managed Cloud Rackers can partner with your business to give advice in capacity planning, guidance on how to scale in the cloud, help configure your environment and assurance by monitoring and backing up your site. This just scratches the surface of the types of activities on which you can partner with our Managed Cloud Rackers.

These are some of the cost benefits on moving to your Windows servers to the Rackspace cloud. If you have any other questions, be sure to get in touch with us here at Rackspace and visit the blog next week for my post on the advantages of the cloud for test and development on Windows.

Check out Tobin’s previous article about managing a Windows server in the cloud. In his next post he discusses using a Windows cloud server for a test and development. You can also get more information on Windows in the Rackspace cloud and find out how to move to the cloud in stages.


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