Quiz: How Mission Critical Is Email for Your Business?

Most businesses rely on email—even if just a little. How mission critical is email in your business? Take our quiz and find out . . .

  1. Do customers/clients communicate with you via email?
    Yes = 1 point    No = 0 points
  2. Do you receive requests for services/goods via email?
    Yes = 1 point    No = 0 points
  3. Do your employees use email to communicate and collaborate in-house?
    Yes = 1 point    No = 0 points
  4. Do you receive important information from other businesses or organizations via email?
    Yes = 1 point    No = 0 points
  5. Is your email address posted on your website or a trade website?
    Yes = 1 point    No = 0 points


0 – 1 points = Absolutely Mission Critical
2 – 3 points = Absolutely Mission Critical
4 – 5 points = Absolutely Mission Critical

As you can see, even if you use email just a little bit, it’s still potentially mission critical for your business. You can’t afford to miss an important email because of unreliable email service. An undelivered email can lead to business—and possibly money—lost.

That’s why we’ve designed our systems for utmost reliability, so that your email will be delivered the way it should, every time.

Redundant Design is the Key

We have a redundant environment set up for our MX records (the servers that receive the mail)—otherwise known as MX1 and MX2. We provide customers with two MX records so that, if one system for some reason becomes unavailable, mail will be delivered to the second system. In addition to that protection, each MX record points to a geographically balanced set of servers across multiple data centers. These servers successfully process tens of millions of messages every day. If one of these servers were to become unavailable, it is immediately taken out of rotation and the other servers continue to process mail. These adjustments happen automatically in a matter of seconds, so that the flow of email can continue smoothly through the system.

Our Commitment to Reliability

Email reliability is mission critical for us, because it’s mission critical for you. We know that each email must arrive in your mailbox successfully—so that your business doesn’t miss a beat. This commitment to reliability has helped us become one of the largest providers of business email hosting in the world.

Want to learn more about our hosted email services? Check out our email hosting options.

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