Huge Thanks to SX’ers!


Thanks so much to everyone who dropped by to see us this pastsxsw-scobleizin Monday night at The Rackspace Cloud Lounge Party. It was great to just kick back and chat tech with you all!

You guys all gave us a lot of great feedbackon sxsw-hookah-circa-1894Twitter, but we have to throw the props right back at ya – it may sound cheesy, but without our awesome crowd of cool peoplewell, those hookahs would have been mighty lonely…


Want to see footage of what went down? Click here to check out more pics!


If you missed out on our party, it’s never too late to join the fun – if you have questions about Cloud Sites, Cloud Files, Cloud Servers, Jungle Disk, Slicehost, or the future of hosting, please drop us a line on Live Chat or on the phone at 877-934-0409.