Huge Thanks to SX'ers!

Filed in by Angela Bartels | March 19, 2009 2:40 pm


Thanks so much to everyone who dropped by to see us this pastsxsw-scobleizin Monday night at The Rackspace Cloud Lounge Party. It was great to just kick back and chat tech with you all!

You guys all gave us a lot of great feedback[1]on sxsw-hookah-circa-1894[2]Twitter[3], but we have to throw the props right back at ya – it may sound cheesy, but without our awesome crowd of cool peoplewell, those hookahs would have been mighty lonely…


Want to see footage of what went down? Click here[4] to check out more pics!


If you missed out on our party, it’s never too late to join the fun – if you have questions about Cloud Sites, Cloud Files, Cloud Servers, Jungle Disk, Slicehost, or the future of hosting, please drop us a line on Live Chat[5][6] or on the phone at 877-934-0409.



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