Humanizing The Cloud Through Fanatical Support

Where are the economies of scale in cloud computing?

Some suggest that by removing the human from the equation you can achieve greater returns. Automation is a great cost reducer – but it also dehumanizes the cloud, and our experience tells us customers do not want to dehumanize the cloud. It’s actually the exact opposite: they want consultants, security wizards, engineers, real support. They want people who can affect change. They want more human in cloud than they had in their old solutions. Why? Because their old solutions were stodgy IT departments that took weeks to respond to a simple request, and that’s if they were lucky. New hardware requests took months.

Here at Rackspace, we think we have solved the two greatest IT challenges: rapid deployment and knowledgeable support, available when you need them. People who care and computing that scales.

We have done this while providing some level of service to all customers – with the ability to pay more to get more. This is a stark contrast to most of our competition – and seems at odds with the core business practices of our largest competitors.

But it’s easy to see why one of the common misconceptions with cloud is that you are all alone – that you are your support, or that support hasn’t yet caught up with the cloud model, as pointed out in Boston-based High Tech In The Hub. And while that is completely untrue, it’s a widely held belief. You can find a vendor that understands the value of support and is willing to provide it, and prove it. We call it Fanatical Support for a reason; the term is not lip service. It’s 21st century support for 21st century clouds. We make your cloud issues our issues and provide you various avenues through which to find us for help.

I love when customers “find me,”  so I share my phone numbers often – 210-845-4440 for my cell and 210-370-3861 for my home.

The cloud can be served. Nobody needs to feel as if they are trekking on new land without a guide. We have plenty of guides. Human guides. And they’re available 24/7.

Father of two, mother of none. Rob has lived across the globe. He has moved back to San Antonio more times than most people move. Now he's here to stay (so he says!) Rob loves fixing things which explains his backgrounds in medicine, software quality assurance and customer care.


  1. Great comments – along the lines of “High-Tech High-Touch” by John Naisbitt. Customers are hard to keep up with, but giving them a “self-help” only approach means you decided not to try.


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