Hybrid Cloud Is A Choice, Here’s Why

I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to help people understand that hybrid cloud is like happiness – it isn’t something you can buy.

Think about it – there’s a long list of people selling products and services to help you be “happy,” and there’s a growing list of companies selling products to make you “hybrid.” But the reality is that both happiness and hybrid cloud are outcomes of the choices you make every day and the mindset you hold.

More bluntly: Money can’t buy happiness and money can’t buy hybrid cloud.

When I read the book Happiness by Matthieu Ricard, it really opened my eyes that happiness is not a destination or something tangible that you can touch and feel. Happiness is a mindset that you just have to live, every day, in the present moment.

Everything you do, every emotion that enters your mind, every interaction you have, you have a choice to make – to be happy, or not. It’s quite simple once you realize that. At first, it is work, and you’ll make the wrong choices. But eventually it just clicks and starts to feel right. Despite this simplicity, most of us were raised to believe that we need to obtain certain things to be happy – money, title, social status, relationships and “stuff” are what make us happy, right? Wrong. Just make the choice to be happy, and like magic, you’ll be happy.

Despite what many (most?) vendors will tell you, hybrid cloud is not something you can buy, and it’s not something that we can or should even clearly define. Like happiness, hybrid cloud is an outcome based on the decisions you make, every day. There is a full selection of tools at your disposal to make the choice easy once you understand how those tools can help you. All the tools you need to be happy or to be hybrid are available to you, right now. Learning how they work and when to pick them will take time, but the good news is that you can start immediately.

Who cares about hybrid cloud? You should. For the first time in the history of technology, if you can dream it, you can build it, as long as you don’t put artificial walls or definitions of “cloud” in your way. A big part of what got me in to technology in the first place was my love of building things; my early days of writing code and seeing my ideas turn in to reality in front of my eyes got me hooked.

One of the most frustrating things you can experience as a developer, engineer or architect is when you hit the limits of the platform choices available to you. You’re stuck. You end up either not solving the problem, or with a solution nobody likes. Public cloud might give you the building blocks and scale you need to create whatever you dream up, but your budget, your security policies, your customer needs, performance requirements or myriad other reasons might end up being a roadblock to helping you realize your dreams in the public cloud today. Same goes for private cloud or dedicated servers or virtualization. Use any one or even two of these technologies exclusively and it won’t be long before something stands the way of you “getting it done” the way you’ve always dreamed was possible (and the way the business expects you to deliver for them).

What does this have to do with happiness? It’s simple. Hybrid cloud is a choice, just like happiness. It’s not about the products you buy or the platforms you pick; it’s a mindset you need to adopt, knowing that if you adopt that mindset you’ll never run out of ways to help your organization, your customers and your stakeholders achieve the outcomes you all dream of. Rackspace has a long list of happy customers that have adopted a hybrid cloud mindset, and Rackers ready to provide Fanatical Support when you’re ready to choose hybrid cloud (and happiness).


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