Hybrid Configurations: Put Some Of Your Windows Footprint In The Cloud

Many people want to get into the cloud, but they don’t necessarily want to go all in with their configuration. These folks are interested in learning about and using the new technology, and they want to know if they can put a portion of their Windows footprint in the cloud. With Rackspace, the answer is “Yes.”

We have a special offering called RackConnect that lets customers split their configuration to have a portion of it in the cloud and a portion of it on dedicated gear. For example, you could have your load balancing and web servers in the cloud and keep your application and database servers on dedicated gear. RackConnect acts as the bridge between the two environments and allows network traffic to flow from your cloud environment back to your dedicated environment.

With RackConnect, you can take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud while maintaining a dedicated presence. For example, if you have a big marketing promotion coming up, or if you are prepping for the holidays, the cloud could help scale your web servers for the high traffic event. Once that event is completed you can scale the portion of your configuration in the cloud back down to handle the normal traffic, helping you achieve some cost benefits.

Check out Tobin’s previous article about using the cloud for test/dev on your Windows servers. In his next post he discusses some migration strategies to move your Windows configuration to the cloud. You can also get more information on Windows in the Rackspace cloud and find out how to move to the cloud in stages.

Tobin is a Manager at Rackspace, helping to hire and mentor hundreds of Rackers on various customer support teams. He loves studying customer service at companies around the world to better understand how the customer experience can be improved. When he is not at The Rack, he likes to ride his bicycle and put together bicycle racing events.


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