Hybrid Hosting: Important Questions To Ask

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This post is part two of a two-part series that examines hybrid hosting, use cases and questions you should ask when considering a hybrid hosting environment. For more detailed information on hybrid hosting check out the white paper “Nervous About Cloud? Go Hybrid Instead[1].”

In my last article I introduced the concept of hybrid hosting[2] and then laid out three scenarios where hybrid provided value. Hopefully your curiosity was piqued and you are considering a move into a virtualized environment. Gather up your team, it is time to ask some questions.

Questions Worth Asking

Potential cloud outsourcing scenarios are infinite. To pursue this concept further requires internal analysis. Find out what your pain points are, define risk levels and, if possible, get a solid grasp on your true cost of downtime. Knowing how much you lose for every hour of downtime helps you properly scope out your hosting costs. When planning for the introduction of hybrid hosting into your infrastructure, you should ask yourself the following questions:

In Conclusion

A hybrid configuration provides the security features, performance and customization of dedicated hardware along with the cost savings, utility and bursting aspects that cloud technology offers. This combination of cloud and dedicated hosting can help businesses of all sizes, with the caveat that while cloud technology may benefit

everyone, it is not meant for everything. Figuring out how to efficiently implement a hybrid platform is based on a number of business-specific factors. Finding a trusted, experienced cloud provider is key to helping you discover how hybrid best fits into your business.

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