Hybrid Exchange Calendars now Available in Rackspace Webmail

We’ve just released an exciting new enhancement to our Exchange Hybrid offering that allows Rackspace Email customers to view Hosted Exchange calendars. So regardless of the platform, Hybrid users can now view or share their business calendars more effectively.

Our Exchange Hybrid offering is a way for businesses to save upwards of 60% when they combine Hosted Exchange for some of their employees and Rackspace Email for the rest – all on a single domain. We have found that on average only 20% of employees really need the full robust features of Microsoft Exchange. Traditionally businesses have been forced into purchasing Microsoft Exchange for their entire organization instead of just for those employees who really need it. With Hosted Exchange Hybrid we offer businesses a better choice.

Follow the links below for instructions on how to enable and set up these integrated calendars today:

Rackspace Email users follow these instructions:

Hosted Exchange users follow these instructions:

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