I Support Open Clouds Because…

There are a host of reasons to support open clouds. We do. Why do you think we just relaunched the Rackspace Cloud and Cloud Servers, which now runs on OpenStack.

Open clouds pave the way for innovation, agility and lower costs. Open clouds stem from communities. And open clouds have the potential to eliminate vendor lock-in while giving customers choice.

There are a lot of reasons to support open clouds. And we want to hear them. We already have a number of videos from you showcasing support of open clouds, but we want more. Let’s get the movement going.

Record yourself saying why you support open clouds, upload it to YouTube and post the link on our Facebook Timeline, tweet it (using #OpenCloud) and add it to any other social networks you frequent. Don’t have a camera? Write on our Timeline why you support open clouds. Just use the phrase “I support open clouds because…” and fill in the rest.

Here’s an example to get you started (thanks John Engates!):

Oh, and I support open clouds because they spur collaboration and innovation while creating choice.


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  1. It turns out that open clouds are a basic civil right that we didn’t know we had until the technology that made it possible. The cloud could be as revolutionary as the printing press if it is kept free and open to entrepreneurialship. The ways and means for people to cooperate has seen a fundamental shift in the last five years mostly thanks to advancements in VOIP and cloud computing.


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