Ignite Innovation: Turn Developers Loose On Hybrid Cloud

In the old world of IT, if you didn’t have hardware capacity or the budget to buy more, your project was dead in the water. Budget constraints can leave some of the best, most creative and most ingenious innovations on the cutting room floor. It’s a true dilemma for developers and innovators: ­ why spend the time creating the next great thing, when a project could be abandoned in a blink? That was the old world. In the new world of IT, developers rule.

In a cloud world, developers have access to resources they can spin up instantly. A hybrid cloud ignites innovation and empowers developers to focus on what they need. A hybrid cloud blends the best of all worlds, public cloud, private cloud and dedicated bare metal servers to fit the needs of developers. The cloud should not be one-size-fits all, but should offer the best fit for each application or workload. A hybrid cloud also offers guardrails that give developers, IT and the business security and peace of mind. The business can maintain control over who’s building what, while giving developers the freedom and agility to move at a swift pace.

A hybrid cloud also arms businesses with the ability to move beyond traditional DevOps to optimize efficient development and operations practices and start focusing more in optimizing infrastructure as well.

In a recent webinar, Rackspace Senior Manager of Solution Engineering Terrence DeJager and I examined the concrete steps you and your business must take to spark innovation and creativity among developers. We also showcased real-world customer examples of how a hybrid cloud arms your developers with the tools to be true innovators in this new IT world.

You can download the full presentation here.

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Jaret Chiles joined Rackspace in 2007 as a resident expert in the area of cloud adoption and information security. In 2012 he helped pioneer and lead a specialized solution architecture team that is leveraged for Rackspace’s most complex and transformational client opportunities in addition to developing other startup teams for new Rackspace offerings. In 2016 Jaret joined the North Americas Professional Services division to drive scale and focus helping clients through transformational journeys to modern platforms and operational models. These services include large scale data center consolidation and transition planning, big data, application, and DevOps transformation in addition to many other enabling services to help clients adopt and grow a managed hosting environment. Jaret has been designing, implementing and supporting technical solutions for enterprise clientele for more than 18 years. He graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with a BS in Computer Science in addition to a number of technical certifications.


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