Impact of the Month Award for May

As we do every month, we came together at the June company lunch to celebrate another month of successes, birthdays, competition winners, and the “Impact of the Month” award. It’s always a struggle to choose the one person that we feel made the biggest impact. This month was no exception. After all, we went through a massive rebranding and there were dozens and dozens of people throughout the organization that made our rebranding an amazing success.

However, one person stood out. Steve Piercy is the lead developer of the website team here at Rackspace Email & Apps, and had the single largest responsibility during the rebranding process. Steve and his team had to rewrite the website from scratch. The entire website had to be completely overhauled, from the look and feel of the site, all the way down to the backend code base, in order to fit seamlessly with the Rackspace website. Steve, backed by a dedicated team of developers, designers, illustrators, project managers, and QA testers worked extremely long hours to meet tight deadlines without compromising an iota of quality. You’re looking at the result – our most successful rebranding effort to date (yes, we’ve had a few).

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  1. Thanks for the feedback.  I want to let you know that we have no plans to stop where we are at today with our website.  We are constantly working on adding more to the site and updating it with new features.
    The best part is that we want your feedback.  You can actually submit your feedback directly online through our Ideas page at:
    Please, keep the feedback coming.  It’s only going to help us become better.


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