Impact of the Month Award for April

Every month the Blacksburg office has a company all-hands meeting to talk about updates, celebrate birthdays, give out prizes for contests, and recognize someone for the “Impact of the Month” award. All of this while enjoying lunch and cake on the company. It’s great being able to come together as a team, spend a few minutes catching up with people, and realizing how big our company has grown.

We give out an award that recognizes an employee that has gone above and beyond the call of duty to create a positive impact for the company. It’s great to watch my co-workers receive this award and hear how they’ve impacted our company. This month was especially great. I got to hand out this award to one of my team members.

I nominated Leslie S. for this award because of her outstanding performance and dedication to our billing team. She provides unconditional support to our employees and most importantly, our customers.

Congratulations Leslie! You deserve it!

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