Improvements to Apple/Mac Safari and Spanish language translation

We learned recently that there was an issue with using the Safari web browser with our Webmail client’s Check External Email feature. The fix is now in place.
Support for multiple email accounts in Webmail
Many people have more than one email account hosted with more than one email provider: their home, their business, an old alumni address, and so on. I use 4 email accounts, myself! One work address, one that I use for product registrations, and two other personal email accounts.
Because so many of our customers like our clean Webmail interface, some time ago we added the ability to use Webmail to download messages from other email providers. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, here’s how:
Go to your Account Options, then click External Mail (POP3) Settings, then click New Account. A new window pops up. You’ll have to know some simple information like the name of the email server, your username, and your password. Mail from the external account can go to any folder or you can create a new folder for that email account. Finally, choose whether to remove those messages from the remote server, or leave a copy there just in case.
Once this is configured, you will see your email delivered to your folder when you Check Mail in the Webmail client. We’re working now to add even more flexibility to the External Mail tool.
Improved Spanish translations
Thanks to some feedback from a potential customer and some hard work on the part of one of our developers, Ellen, we have updated a number of Spanish translations inside the Webmail client. Here are a couple of samples of the new translations:
“Request a Read Receipt”
“Solicitar confirmaciĆ³e lectura”
“Yes, place the signature below the message”
“Si, incluir la firma al final del mensaje”
“Use signature when forwarding messages”
“Incluir firma al reenviar mensajes”
Keep the ideas coming!
We appreciate all of the feedback we can get!

Kirk Averett is the senior director of product for Cloud Office at Rackspace.


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