In Case You Missed It! Webinar: Addressing PCI Compliance In Hybrid Clouds

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Got questions about PCI compliance in hybrid clouds [1]and what it means to your customers?

On August 6, we conducted a panelist-style joint webinar[2] with Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace[3] partner CloudPassage[4] and GigaOm [5]to discuss addressing PCI issues in hybrid cloud environments.

In this discussion, we quickly covered the PCI Council’s “PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines[6]” information supplement and how it applies to companies working to achieve compliance with an emphasis on achieving compliance for cloud-aware environments. We also discussed the new prescriptive guidelines and how they clarify the lines of shared responsibility between the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and their customers. Finally, we discussed how working with partners like CloudPassage can help you embrace new and automated methodologies to provide consistent security controls across hybrid environments.

Some of the key questions answered included:

The panelists included:

Again, congratulations to our Cloud Tools Marketplace partner CloudPassage[7] for achieving certification[8] as a Level 1 Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) service provider!

CloudPassage’s Halo cloud security platform, hosted completely on the Rackspace Public Cloud[9], automates security controls for merchants and payment providers leveraging cloud infrastructure across public, private and hybrid clouds. These businesses can now far more quickly establish and maintain PCI compliance.

Here is a link to the recorded webinar[2], and if you’d like a deeper overview please download our PCI Compliance in Rackspace Hybrid Cloud White Paper[10].

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