In Case You Missed Them – Some News Links.

Below are some links to Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud articles posted elsewhere on the web this week.

Status Pages Provide Transparency for Operations – These days, I find it’s a requirement for vendors to provide operational status pages on their services.  I say this because I know there are many companies who aren’t yet on-board.

Cost of clouds, Mosso/Slicehost vs AWS – Rackspace is truly fanatical about support, they really do give a crap, which is refreshing. What’s awesome is that the same quality of support is available for the Cloud offerings as is for their Managed Hosting customers.

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Moving to Mosso – If you hit a server node error, and continue to see the server node error although people on other computers can see your site just fine, try clearing your cookies. I know, I know – it sounds like bullshit – but when you clear your cookies, the load balancer will stop trying to send you to a non-existent node and will find a suitable working node for you.

The Power of Partnership: Mosso and Zapproved – The team at Mosso has been a critical component in our success. The solution they offer is extremely easy to implement, presents a great value and their “fanatical customer support” lives up to its name!

My Documents in the Cloud – So I am not automatically backing up this data using my secure backup monitor I have installed.  It takes all my data and moves it to the Amazon S3 Cloud every night.  I also now have a separate backup running which backs up my data to the Mosso Cloud Storage.

How To Register A Domain Name: Domain Registration Explained Easy – Let me start by saying I LOVE Mosso. Since I started using them. I haven’t had any major hosting problems, and any of the problems I have had, their tech support team (which is based in Texas, not India or the Philippines) gets it done right away.

Rackspace Hosting Appoints Lew Moorman President of Cloud Business – Cloud computing is the next step for business hosting and brings a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for Rackspace. Our investments in these new technologies have yielded strong results and we think the future model of hybrid hosting, the use of traditional hosting and cloud computing along with our trademark Fanatical Support will be a great combination for our customers.

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