[infographic] Outages and Outbreaks: How Secure Is Your Email?

A recent infographic and white paper, Email Security Best Practices and Avoiding Unplanned Downtime, highlights just how email-reliant businesses of all sizes have become. With the average employee sending and receiving 110 messages per day, and with 30 minutes of downtime costing more than $25,000 for a 1,000-user company, the stakes for business email are higher than ever.

As email volume and dependence continues to skyrocket, so to do associated risks. Given that 70 percent of all email traffic is spam — the primary delivery method for viruses and malware — designing and implementing the right security solutions is crucial.

Rackspace offers triple-layer spam protection in our Hosted Exchange mailboxes. Built on detection algorithms that update every 60 seconds in response to worldwide feedback loops, it eliminates 98 percent of all spam. Rackspace also offers strategically redundant architecture and global footprint of nine data centers — the rock-solid foundation, along with Fanatical Support, for its 100 percent uptime guarantee.

Check out the infographic below.

Michelle works as a product marketing manager focusing on the Rackspace Application Services portfolio. She started at Rackspace in 2009 as a solutions consultant before joining the product marketing team in 2011. She has held various roles within marketing and is excited to expand her focus and knowledge across the Application Services portfolio. She lives in San Antonio with her husband and two kids, and spends weekends cheering them on the soccer field, basketball court and dance studio. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys exploring the latest health and wellness trends.


  1. There’s some irony to having this post the day after RackSpace’s hosted Exchange had major issues, dramatically slowing down our business-critical email for the day.


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