[INFOGRAPHIC] Understanding Hybrid Cloud Computing

The term “hybrid” can hold a different meaning from industry to industry. Generally speaking, it describes the combination of two things to make one. In the cloud computing industry, there are a series of technologies you can use to run your web environments, from cloud to dedicated. Users can have a hybrid environment at Rackspace by connecting Cloud Servers and dedicated servers via RackConnect™.  Here is a fun illustration that highlights this technology in the simplest of terms.

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 <a href="http://www.rackspace.com/hosting_solutions/hybrid_hosting/"> Hybrid Hosting <img src="http://c179631.r31.cf0.rackcdn.com/Infographic_Hybrid.png" alt="Hybrid Hosting" width="510" height="1988" /> </a> 
  • Angela

    Your comic says the cloud and dedicated can communicate in a closed environment and shows the cloud servers in a box. Is this a new unannounced feature, or did the artist claim creative license for the metaphor? Because the cloud servers are available to communicate across the servicenet…there is no wall around the Cloud side.

    I understand the comic is meant to be for the technologically uninitiated, but it also shows a large number of cloud servers connecting to a single dedicated device with no firewall between. The firewall is required and for that number of cloud servers to talk to a (presumably) dedicated machine, an F5 load balancer would also likely be required.

    Am I missing something?

    • Angela Bartels

      Angela, you are correct. This illustration is meant to be a general explanation of what “hybrid” means in the cloud computing world. With the Rackspace solution, RackConnect, you do in fact need a firewall to connect dedicated and cloud servers. The data transferred between the two can be done over a private network. A better explanation can be seen here:


      I hope this is more clear.


  • Brilliant analogy on hybrids and a more subtle one of innovation.