ING Dabbling in Cloud Computing

In recent article in Bank Systems & Technology, ING Americas, the US division of banking mogul ING, announced they began using Rackspace cloud services to cut processing times and costs by as much as 50 percent .

Alan Boehme, SVP, IT strategy and enterprise architecture, at ING Americas, was focused primarily on quality  and efficiency. “We looked at: Can we run the jobs faster and give our analysts and others more time to make business decisions, and can we do that at a cost that’s equal to or less than it is today?” Boeheme states.

Moving existing core applications over to Rackspace’s cloud solutions has allowed ING to move to a “service-level-agreement-driven IT model”.  Boeheme is most concerned with providing customers with a portfolio of diverse deployment options. “Instead of saying, ‘We’re putting this in our data center, and it will cost this much to run it,’ we’ll be able to go to the business and say, ‘Here are three different deployment options for your application with varying levels of benefit, cost, performance, quality and flexibility — which one do you want?” he relates.

To read the entire article on Bank Systems & Technology click here.

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