Inkling: Bringing O’Reilly Books to iPads, iPhones and the Web

Inkling brings the world’s best learning content to the iPad, iPhone and the web with interactivity, social collaboration and simple ease-of-use. No more heavy, expensive textbooks to carry around campus. Inkling textbooks are more interactive, more flexible and cheaper. It’s an entirely new way to learn.

“We have a partnership with O’Reilly that builds the books that everyone knows and we are bringing their books to Inkling and making some really cool interactive stuff, not just for iPad, but for iPhone and the web too,” explains Matt MacInnis, Founder & CEO of Inkling. “Inkling titles do a bunch of really cool things to make it a lot more accessible on a digital device. You can scroll code blocks left and right, instead of them wrapping and confusing you on whether it’s comment or code that you’re looking at. You can run code right inside the book to test whether you know what you should have learned. And all of it is divided out into nice, clean objects so when you just want to dive in on a section on object types, you can tap, and it takes you to that location. So it’s a really slick way to access this stuff.”

Inkling engages students and provides authors and publishers with an exciting new way to bring content to market. It’s more than just the best digital textbook experience ever. It’s the best learning experience ever. Inkling is the world’s first end-to-end platform for mobile learning content.

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