Innovate with open source

Here at Mailtrust, our developers love to innovate and provide customers with new tools that increase their productivity. Sometimes it makes sense for us to develop the solution from scratch ourselves and other times we look to build on top of an existing solution. One of the new features to our Noteworthy product line is Noteworthy Sync. When we decided to begin offering this service to our customers, we had to evaluate the different options available to us to determine which approach was better.
Ultimately we decided to leverage the open-source code of a company that specializes in this kind of synchronization software. Funambol’s data synchronization server offered a flexible way to integrate with our existing systems—the entire project is open source, cross platform, and built on open standards. With Funambol, we are able to work off of their existing code, improving and tweaking features here and there to more tightly integrate with our services, and ultimately we return our changes and bug fixes to them. To date, they have adopted several of our changes into their core code base.
They’ve also adopted our Blackberry-Sync plugin—a plugin that was developed in house—into their core services, and that is something we are very proud of. We’ve been working with Funambol closely for the last several months to improve the plugin and extend its features. In the process, we began coordinating on other projects, and comparing plans and roadmaps. We hope to continue to work with them as time goes on, and we have some exciting projects planned.
At their JavaOne presentation on mobile email in April, Funambol recognized some of our developers as core contributors in their “Hall of Fame.” Just the other day, one of our developers got the opportunity to discuss some recent development experience with Funambol and Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry devices. You can read all about the experience online at Funambol’s company blog.

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